MEI Awards

About MEI Awards:

MEI Awards is a commonweal contest organizaion. The management of products and follow-up of enquiries are all operated by the awarded enterprises.

Manufacturing Excellence & Innovation Awards (MEI Awards) was initiated in 2011 in celebration of excellence in Chinese product manufacturing. The contest brings together the brightest of Chinese manufacturers to launch a series of outstanding products. These products will be displayed at global events where Chinese manufacturers will display their iconic products and share industry insights.

MEI Awards persists in fairness and public welfare. The judging committee which consisted of certified specialists from world top three certification institutions, SGS, BV and Tü V, would audit the authenticity of the material of product one by one. The professional judging group would evaluate the products from several dimensions such as quality, innovation, man-machine interaction, market value, social value and etc. These selected products are great to represent the top level of Chinese products and would be displayed both online and offline around the world.

MEI Awards is gradually developing from a simple selecting award to an innovative platform which can energize Chinese products in the last 11 years. The diversified ways that MEI Awards presents and promotes high-quality Chinese products offer global buyers great chances to find the ideal products easily.

Up to now, MEI Awards has visited more than 300 enterprises of various industries and organized series of activities such as "Design across the Distance", "Manufacturing Summit", "Learning Camp" and "Global Boutique Briefing" to find more and more laudable Chinese companies and products.