Hangzhou Equipmax Industries Co., Ltd.

HANGZHOU EQUIPMAX INDUSTRIES Co., Ltd. is a global leading full line material handling equipment supplier located in Hangzhou, China. We provide a wide range of material handling equipment, attachments, spare parts, marketing and technical service through our international distributors network to support our customers.

EQUIPMAX factory has over 40 years experiences in the M. H. E. Industry, with the outstanding advantages in industrial technologies development, production & resources integration and customers experiences research, EQUIPMAX strive to build as a full-service equipment solutions provider with the most comprehensive range of products with stable quality, first class after-sale service, technical and parts supports by the professional and high efficiency team working behind.

Main Product

Forklift Truck: 1.5-48.0T Diesel Forklift, 1.5-7.0T Gasoline LPG Forklift, 1.5-10.0T Electric Forklift, 1.8-5.0T Rough Terrain Forklift.

Reach Truck and VNA Forklift: 1.0-3.0T stand-on Reach Truck, 1.0-2.0T sit-on Reach Truck, 1.0-1.5T Three-way VNA Reach Truck.

Pallet Truck: 2.0-5.0T Hand Pallet Truck, 1.5-2.0T Semi Electric Pallet Truck, 1.5-3.0T Electric Pallet Truck.

Stacker: 1.0-2.0T Manual Stacker, 1.0-2.0T Semi Electric Stacker, 1.0-2.5T Electric Stacker.

Tow Tractor: Electric Tow Tractor, Diesel Tow Tractor

Work Platform: Electric Order Picker, Scissor Lift Platform, Aluminum Alloy Elevator, Electric Lift Table

Forklift Attachment: Side shifter, Fork positioner, Paper roll clamp, Drum clamp, Rotator, Bale Clamp, etc.

Spare Parts: Engine parts, Transmission parts, Axle parts, etc.

Quality and Social Responsibility

All EQUIPMAX facilities and productions are according to the EQUIPMAX executive standards of design, technology, production and quality control system, parts & service management to ensure the high-performance and durable quality.

EQUIPMAX possess outstanding productivity and low ownership cost, with smart design, leading ergonomics, reliable performance, serviceability and styling.

EQUIPMAX is a positive brand with sustainable development strategy, we devote more energy to the green equipment solutions, the emission and noise control and new energy development are the projects we will always working on, we will do whatever we can to keep the environment clean.

EQUIPMAX aspire to be a respectable brand and responsible enterprise, for our products, customers and society.
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